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USA Archery USA archery is a professional organization that advances the sport of archery across the United States. Easton Newberry Easton Newberry is a nationally accredited sports complex located in Newberry, Florida. Florida Archery Association The Florida Archery Association is the state charter holder for both the National Field Archery Association and USA Archery. Olympic Archery in Schools Olympic Archery in Schools (OAS) has created a unique archery league format for middle schools and high schools.  Students at participating schools have the chance to join their archery team and compete with other teams in their area. Created by the Easton Sports Development Foundation, the OAS program seeks to give youth the opportunity to participate and excel in Olympic- style archery. Not only is archery safe and fun, but it is also a great way to develop focus, self-discipline, build self-esteem, improve hand-eye coordination, and much more.   
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